A Flight Attendant Story

Written by Kacie Reynolds, blogger at www.abravestar.com



Ever since I was little, I have been traveling with my dad due to his job. Most people will think that he is in the military, but that is not true! My dad is actually a comedy juggler, and gets to perform all over the world!

I have not flown as often as he has or been to as many places as him, but I have traveled with him a lot. Traveling as often as I have has given me the chance to fly in an airplane for short and long distances. Not many people enjoy this, but I actually did not mind it!

Flying gave me the opportunity to watch the flight attendants and start dreaming that it was something that I would probably enjoy doing myself! However, when I was little, that was when you had to be a certain height and weight to become a flight attendant.

As I got older, my dream started to fade away and I thought that I would never be able to do it!

That is until one day my roommate started dating a guy that was a flight attendant! I started to dream about it again and wanted to ask him how to get into the field. Little did I know, that he had recently quit the airline he was with and started at a new airline that was currently hiring! He sent me the link and I applied, not thinking too much into it. I then went on with my life!

3 months later I received an email with an invitation to a group interview for that airline! I still had my doubts about becoming a flight attendant going into the interview, but as the day (yes, it was a full day) went on, my thoughts about having to have a specific look changed! I learned that the only specifics in being a flight attendant (at least for the airline I was interviewing with) was that you needed to be over 5 feet tall (I am 5’8”), be able to lift 40 pounds above your head and have no visible tattoos!

I am now proud to say that I have been a flight attendant for 3 years with this company and I am so excited to have my dream job!

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