Why Being A Flight Attendant Is A Gift

Written by Talia, Blogger at takeoffwithtal.com


To so many, being a flight attendant is one’s dream job. From the outside looking in, people see glamour and class, they see the spontaneity of being able to travel the world for free whenever we want, they see our job through rose colored glasses. But in reality, we know those 4 am pick ups, running downstairs to catch the crew van hoping there will be free coffee downstairs only to be disappointed when there isn’t any because who is awake that early. The duty dates full of reroutes and delays, full of frustrated passengers asking if they are going to make their connections and if we will hold the plane for them, and the days full of getting on our hands and knees cleaning up the vomit in the lavatory.

So sometimes the job can be a little less than glamorous, but what if we changed our perspective from the germs and looked at our job as a gift?

As a junior flight attendant, I typically fly 3 to 4 flights a day seeing on average 150 people per flight. That's around 600 people per day, stuck in a metal tube with me for a minimum of 30 minutes of their day!

In today’s time’s we are a generation that can be very ME focused. I challenge you to shift your perspective for the next month on the job to focus on why you really interviewed for this job. Ask yourself, how can I make this person’s day before we land?

It can be a tough challenge to try to do that for every passenger on all of your flights, so pick a few passengers and make some friendships! We all want to be seen in this fast paced world, especially in a career where you are surrounded by people, but sometimes our passengers just need to noticed just as badly. 

This job can look glamorous but the real glamour is having the ability to spread kindness. Start the trend with your crew and I promise you, you will feel it in return!

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