Pack like a Pro! Four ways to keep your suitcase ready for your layovers.

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As a flight attendant, I'd like to think I've started to get the whole packing thing down by now. Thanks to a few tips, I think I've finally gotten used to a routine that helps me plan out my trips a lot better and I want to share those tips with you all too!

1. Make a Checklist

Making a checklist might seem silly, especially if you've been flying for a while, but I'm telling you it will make a huge difference in your packing. You're going to pack more specifically for each trip, with more of what you need and more importantly less of what you don't. Make a checklist for island/beach layovers, city layovers, standby assignments, etc. and have go-to items ready to throw in your bag. When I'm on reserve and have an early RAP, sometimes I pack a few options in different packing cubes just in case and then throw whichever cube in my bag that matches my layover! Makes life so much easier for those early morning short calls!

2. Packing Cubes

These have changed my life! Packing cubes will keep you super organized for all your trips along with keeping your clothes and suitcase much cleaner. I usually have about 5 packing cubes in my suitcase. The smallest one I use for undergarments (underwear, bras, socks, pantyhose) and a swimsuit. The bigger ones I use for workout clothes, work uniform and going out/casual clothes. I also always put all my shoes in shoe bags and/or packing cubes.

3. Minis Only!

I'm talking about toiletries. Don't bring full size items if they're over a few ounces. It weighs down your bag and you aren't going to need that much of a product on any of your trips. I'd recommend buying the sample/travel sizes for any products you can to take on layovers and refilling them from the full sized options you keep at home. 

s way you don't have to keep unpacking and repacking your toiletries out of your bag, plus it makes your bag so much lighter! One less thing to worry about!

4. Only bring the necessities

This one seems obvious but this kind of goes hand-in-hand with #1. Making a checklist will help you bring only the necessities. When I pack my outfits I try to pack clothes that I can layer and wear for multiple occasions/weather conditions. To stay organized, go through your work purse and suitcase at least once a week and make sure you aren't lugging around unnecessary items. I know for me, my biggest issue is stuffing things into my purse that I think I may use later that I never end up using. So do yourself a favor and clean it out every now and again!

Hope this helped some, see you in the skies!

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