Fitness On-The-Go

Written by Jennifer Fields,

While Traveling, I’ve experienced the most invigorating, freeing and self growth opportunities imaginable. I’ve learned how important consistency, discipline and keeping yourself accountable is especially when it’s easy to grab a pint of ice cream, pop on Netflix and kick back in your hotel room after working 4 flights earlier that day.

Knowing that knowledge is power I want to enlighten you with some great ways to stay on top of your fitness goals so you can feel confident, resilient and proud of yourself for staying on track while living out your dream!

1. Move. Move at all costs. If there is a long walk to your terminal, don’t take the walking tram, walk the full length. If there is a pool at your hotel, go for a 25 minute swim. If there is a park in your area go for a quick jog. Whatever it is, wherever you go be mindful of movement! This concept changed my life.

2. Resistance Bands. Resistance bands can play a huge role in sculpting untoned areas! I recommend ordering 2 sets of light, medium and heavy resistance. 1 set to leave at home, the other to toss in your travel bag! If you want to turn your intensity up with these bands you could always incorporate a HIIT session a couple days a week! 

3. Gliders. These are also a great tool to utilize when on the go! There are a lot of great sculpting movements you can perform with these gliders either in your hotel room, hotels fitness room or even outside!

Fitness on the go can be as easy as you make it. Don’t make the mistake of overthinking it! If you put in the time, this is guaranteed to be beneficial! And as always, consistency will be your greatest Beneficiary.

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