A Message From The CEO ~ It's Our Birthday!


It’s been a whole year since launching Flygirl Box and what an adventure it has been! Since we’ve reached this milestone, I wanted to share with you a little of the workings of our business.

In the several months prior to our launch last June, I spent most of my free time laying the groundwork for my business. I chose a business model, the subscription box, did model research, studied marketing strategies, and began to work out inventory logistics.  Then came days of trying out business names with my husband and future customers. After picking out “Flygirl Box,” the design of the actual shipping “box” was next. Once the design was settled, more details were to be worked out. These included, but weren’t limited to, shipping labels, how to seal the boxes, box presentation, and putting together our newsletter.

Then came June 15th, 2018, Flygirl Box’s launch day. My adrenaline was going 100 miles an hour! I started receiving emails and Instagram messages asking

when the website would be ready to take orders. Someone (you know who you are!) somehow was able to squeeze onto the website and place the very first order while my developer was editing the website about an hour before launch! As soon as we opened up, orders started rolling in. Five active shopping carts, now 8, now 20! What?! My website developers were watching with me and cheering me on! Watching the orders come through as I sat at my kitchen table was surreal.

Now it was time for Flygirl Box to send its first shipment.  The inventory had already been delivered and, as I stood in the warehouse (aka our home dining room), I realized it would take a few days just to pack all the boxes.  Even with a little help from my family, we took three days to get everything packed, sealed, and shipped off.

A year later, I still take nearly three days to prepare and ship the month’s orders, but the process has become more streamlined.  I now try to have the next three month’s products picked out so I don’t have to stress out about shipping time frames and, even if a product is late arriving, I have backups ready. I use ideas I receive from subscribers and have had companies reach out to me to include their products.  I also ask for writers to include their articles in the newsletter.

I don’t have an office. I work on my laptop sitting at the kitchen table or on my living room couch!  The family dining room has become my warehouse and shipping center. However, I hope Flygirl Box will continue to grow so we can move and, in turn, serve even more subscribers.

Flygirl Box began from a dream I had while I was still flying.  I wanted to operate my own business, one focused on helping other Flight Attendants. Like any other startup, I was concerned my dream wouldn’t survive; however, I decided to take the risk. Ultimately, I was rewarded and we continue to grow. Flygirl Box wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our subscribers and you have been amazing and so supportive. Your reviews, your emails. Keep ‘em coming. You inspire me!

Thank you, Flygirl.  

Brittney Usrey

Flygirl Box CEO

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